Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Idoru - Hopeless Illusions (2005)

The Idoru is an alternative rock band from Hungary. The group was formed in 2003 with Newborn ex-members Tibi and Big on guitar, Matt on bass, Laci from the band Very Bad Thing on drums and a young singer who is able to stretch the already existing boundaries of the company.The band quickly stood up and started to play several gigs in their local area, and soon shows appeared abroad in their schedule. Spending their year to establish a base for the further actions, they've realized that it's time to shake the ground with their first record. In the fall of this year they've started the recording, and on a fantastic New Year's Eve live appearance of the band the mcd entitled After The Storm came to life. This three song debut was the product of the collaboration between the guys and an amazing label from Japan called Alliance-Trax. The band HQ was satisfied with the result, and decided a future plan with their Japanese fellows in crime. In the first days of the new year an order arrived from the country of the rising sun: Get in the studio now! In 2005 after recording their 3rd record Hopeless Illusions EP, they decided to leave Burning Season Records and join to Deadbutcher Records what is owned by their good friend Mikita, who helped them in many ways during the past few years.


1. Shut Your Eyes, To Love, To Live
2. Different Ways, Different Situations
3. The Valley Of Disappointment
4. Lack Of Credibility
5. After The New Storm